Joe Mistich

joe mistich

My name is Joe Mistich, and I’ve poured many years into the management of major projects within the realm of property development and real estate; focusing on a minimal impact in the environment. My passion in education and knowledge, even lead to a position as an Instructor at Tulane University, where I not only taught, but took on the position of Superintendent of Facilities Maintenance for the School of Architecture.

Many years in the field have lead to a slew of industry certifications, to include: electrical, contractors license, commercial building construction, municipal and public works, residential construction, highway street & bridge, and heavy construction. I’ve used my experience to give back, and have generously given  time to community projects and community service such as Community Initiatives Foundation (CIF)/TakeCare Initiative, achieving both  personal and corporate environmental preservation efforts.

My record shows my willingness to get involved personally with the multiple successful projects I’ve  overseen as Vice President of Real Estate Holdings and Special Projects for Manti Resources, manager of M3 Properties (M Cubed) LLC, and  as co-owner of Axcess Construction Management Services, Inc,  I’m also a dedicated family man who has been happily married for 32 years to my wife, Sandy, and am the proud father of 2 grown sons; Bradley and Blake. We reside in Covington, Louisiana.

Believing in people‚Äôs ability to coexist with the environment without stifling growth has been a strong suit and will continue to drive the success and development of each and every project I take on.  Making a difference in the lives of others, by giving them opportunities through hiring and my non-profit outreach drives me, each and every day.

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