My New Website and Blog

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”  ~Winston Churchill~

Joe_Mistich_2014_MastersAt this point in my life, I never thought I’d have my own personal website and blog. By establishing this little place on the internet, I hope to give people a deeper perspective into who I am and what really makes me tick, beyond a LinkedIn profile or a business bio blurb. Writing here, will be an opportunity to keep people up to speed on my various projects and initiatives and to garner support from people who share the same passion for community outreach and the environment as myself.

I  proudly spend a lot of my efforts giving back with National LSU “L” Club (Letterman Association) and  the Community Initiatives Foundation CIF, focusing on their Take Care program. Helping families, especially children in need, through outreach efforts with non-profits, is something that drives me. Also, making a difference in the environment, especially the wetlands, is another passion, where my efforts will hopefully make a positive impact for future generations.