Making a Difference

joe Mistich making a differenceMeet me for 5 minutes, and you will know that I love and take pride in everything I do.  I truly enjoy “working” and do not consider it a job. My world of business may be very complex and overwhelming to many, even to myself at times. However, if you skim the surface and analyze every business venture and project I’m a part of, you will quickly find out that everything I do in business, ties back to serving a greater purpose to mankind and the environment. That may be the reason that I find work so enjoyable.

What truly drives me, is making a difference to those who are not asking for help, and may not even know my work made a difference in their lives; both people and the environment. Back when I was Director of Public Works for the City of Mandeville, my personal philosophy of re-using, repurposing anything and everything, left a permanent beneficial footprint. I spearheaded and designed new needed structures out of old portable buildings on their way to the landfill.

I also was the driving force, for helping turn a growing population and building expansion, issue into a solution. The real estate encroaching on the environment and the wetlands was inevitable with the rapid growth of this city, with waste management issues becoming an immediate issue. I used my years of experience, to solve the wetland and waste issue at the same time, by repurposing waste to safely go back into the environment and revitalize the existing wetlands. It not only saved the city an enormous amount of money at the time of implementation, but for the future of the generations to come. Preserving the beauty and revitalizing ecosystems that make Louisiana and this community so unique and desirable, is now a prototype, referred to as “Wetlands Assimilation.”  Since then, I’m proud to carry on the this mission of repurposing waste and saving wetland ecosystems through Comite Resources.

As VP of Special Projects for Manti Resources, I am fortunate to be allowed the opportunity to give back in a formal capacity. That has lead me to become involved with Community Initiatives Foundation (CIF) TakeCare+ Initiative, run by Sister Judith in Baton Rouge. This fantastic organization engages in the battle against generation poverty. They team up with the caregivers and families of children most in need to build healthier communities with stronger local economies.

One project run by CIF’s/TakeCare, that I’m proud to take part in, is  such a simple concept, the placement of a  lemonade stand in a neighborhood in desperate need of attention. After a little time went by, community members began to offer input and even took part in a survey to help us understand what was needed to improve the quality of life locally. Ultimately, the initiative resulted in the creation of neighborhood councils to monitor and improve activities, celebrations, quality, and even support for local caregivers.There is never enough that can be done to prevent the repeating of generational poverty – especially when the people most affected our young children.

Whether I use a shipping container to make a covered bridge on a private property, or take part in a a lemonade initiative, I’ll keep on striving to make a difference for the rest of my life.Mandeville

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